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Watch this space for information about topics, issues and trends that drive the 100 events run each year by the NJTC.


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New Jersey Technology Council Vice President of Business Development and Publications. Group leader of IT/Software and Life Science industry networks. Publishing TechNews and LifeSciTrends.

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Daily updates about the region's most tech savvy companies

One Comment on “Welcome to the NJTC Blog”

  1. barisiegel
    January 9, 2009 at 1:53 pm #


    Fostering strong connections and networking relationships within the New Jersey technology community are a primary focus of the New Jersey Technology Council. In fact, NJTC members know that there is no organization out there that connects entrepreneurs and innovators with information, education, partners, clients and capital better than the NJTC.

    And, what better way to enhance the NJTC’s reach within the technology community that to embrace the next level of technology – Web 2.0. You already know about the NJTC’s online community – http://www.njtccommunity.org. By joining the online community, you can connect with potential partners and clients and share information and opinions with your colleagues. Of course, the NJTC also offers podcasts and TechNews Interactive – other multimedia outlets to connect members of the regional technology community with information and people needed to grow business.

    Now, we introduce the NJTC Blog Spot. This site will foster discussions and connections among the technology community in New Jersey and beyond. We invite you to get involved. Become a participant. Read, write and connect with people who can help you grow your business and innovation at large in the Garden State.

    Blog on!

    Bari Faye Siegel,
    NJTC VP of Visibility & Communications

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