2009 NJTC CIO Conference

We presented two panel discussions – one on Cloud Computing and one on Virtualization – the Moderators each took questions from the audience – below are some of those questions – please feel free to answer – comment…


Are you using virtualization to support you compliance requirements and if so, how?

Do you expect virtualization to benefit the desktops in the future?

With virtualization being so valuable why do you suppose MSFT would provide it for free? 

Neil,  how do you differentiate the two offerings (vmware and MSFT)?

Are there any standard applications  that you do not recommend putting on VM or results stating that application is not stable on VM?

We have had issues with certain vendors certifying their applications in a virtualized enviornment.  Is this primarily a technical or licencing issue?

How are the panel colleagues handling management of vmware.

Meaning, self provisioning of vm’s, chargeback, reporting, and slas are still being developed/learned by internal infrastructure teams and very haphazard at best.  Also, Many organizations are less than 25 percent virtualized.

What are the best practices or ideas on Jeff’s point about the hardest part is getting the team and organization aligned and motivated in going to cloud computing?

We’ve heard a lot about deployment considerations of cloud-based apps.
What new challenges and opportunities should I anticipate in
developing IT applications for the cloud?

How do you do datawarehousing and reporting in a multi sas / cloud environent?

Are we being too premature with clouds when virtualization has long ways to go.

Meaning, self provisioing of vm’s, chargeback, and slas are still being developed/learned by internal infrastructure teams. Many organizations are less than 25 percent virtualized.

And also clouds have limits due to S.E.C and fnancial regulations.

You talked about the applications that lend themselves to work well under the cloud computing environment. Are there applications that you would recommend not using this technology as a platform?

As an individual that manages about a dozen cloud relationships.  I have 2 questions.

1) What are your approaches to manage multiple SAAS relationships and interdependences from business process perspective

2) What skill_sets do you think are needed with managing SAAS relationships from an internal and provider perspective. Do you see this as a PM type of role or relationship management.


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