Petra Solar Named Winner in Project Development Category For Solar Industry Awards 2011

(South Plainfield, NJ – September 20, 2011) Petra Solar, a NJ based technology company committed to advancing global production of renewable energy, helping the electric supply industry develop a smarter and more stable electric grid, and creating jobs in clean energy, has been named the winner in the project development category of the Solar Industry Awards 2011. The award was attributed to the SunWave™ system, a unique and innovative smart solar solution that combines distributed solar energy generation with smart grid communications and improved grid reliability features to create a premium utility grade solution.

“We are grateful for this award from Solar PV Management that recognizes innovative manufacturing and products that have the potential to change the way we live,” said Dr. Shihab Kuran, President and CEO of Petra Solar. “For decades, the approach to harnessing the power of the sun has been to install large solar arrays. Our SunWave system, a cost effective alternative, installs on existing utility poles and attaches to existing lines, feeding renewable energy directly into the electric grid without need for new sites or transmission, while also serving as intelligent units that communicate with each other and with the grid to build a smart grid infrastructure.”

Petra Solar is the first company to implement virtual power plants, or highly geographically distributed renewable energy generation systems. The level of distribution of a solar generation system is its best insurance against intermittency. By mounting solar panels on utility poles throughout a utilities territory, the company achieves a level of distribution never before met by a unified solar project. Further, these virtual power plants are packaged in a new, compelling value proposition that combines power generation, smart grid functionality, and siting/permitting cost savings, which are better suited to the particular needs of utilities than any existing solar generation offering. With the advent of electric vehicles and other technology that places new demands on the electric grid, utilities will increasingly focus on enabling smart grid solutions that will facilitate grid reliability and stability. Petra Solar has pioneered a partnership approach with utilities to address, maintain and improve power quality and reliability.

The Solar Industry awards have been created to recognize the whole value chain and the people, products and services that will develop innovative manufacturing and product approaches that have the potential to change the way we live. The Solar Industry awards were presented for each of following segments of the industry: Solar Materials Enabling; Thin Film Innovation; Silicon Innovation; Industry Development; PV Tool; PV Balance of System; Energy Usage Enabling; Module Manufacturing Innovation; Rural Electrification Development; Turnkey Supplier; Project Development; SOLAR Award for Excellence (Product); SOLAR Award for Excellence (Group); SOLAR Award for Excellence (Professional). The winners were announced by Solar PV Management magazine on September 6th, at the EU PVSEC trade show in Hamburg, Germany.

About Petra Solar:Petra Solar, founded in 2006 by CEO and President Dr. Kuran, has pioneered new technology that combines distributed solar energy generation with Smart Grid communications and improved grid reliability features to create a utility grade solution that delivers the highest economic value for solar power. Petra Solar’s innovative SunWave™ system provides distributed clean energy that ties directly into the electric grid, and does not require an upgrade to either the current transmission or distribution infrastructure, eliminating grid interconnection issues faced by traditional solar systems. One of the key advantages of the Petra Solar solution is its flexible grid integration architecture that enables installation on existing assets that can hold one or more solar modules such as utility and streetlight poles, rooftops, and other available structures. In addition, the SunWave distributed solar and Smart Grid technology prevents instabilities caused by intermittent renewable energy sources, which enables utilities to maintain high power quality for electric customers as solar deployment growth accelerates. Petra Solar’s success is the culmination of more than 18 years of research and development. For more information about Petra Solar visit

For more information:
Mary Grikas
Vice President Communications, Petra Solar
Phone: 732.429.3908


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