Raritan Introduces Family of Economical KVM-over-IP Switches with Advanced Features to Help Small and Midsize Businesses Manage Servers

Dominion® LX provides secure, BIOS-level Access and Control of servers from anywhere; Affordable, high-quality KVM-over-IP switches streamline server management

SOMERSET, N.J. (October 18, 2011) — Raritan today introduced a new line of KVM-over-IP switches for small to midsize businesses (SMBs) looking for a cost-effective way to simplify server maintenance. Dominion LX is designed to meet the IT management needs and budgets of SMBs. Depending on the model, the LX controls up to eight or 16 servers, and supports one or two simultaneous remote users and one local user for unblocked server access. Multiple LX switches can be cascaded to support up to 256 servers from a single console.

Equipped with the industry’s best-performing BIOS-level KVM-over-IP technology, the Dominion LX provides access to servers from anywhere on the network, enabling IT administrators to troubleshoot, reconfigure, reboot and, even, re-image servers remotely.

Unlike other KVM solutions in its price range, the Dominion LX has a modern browser-based user interface and is loaded with advanced remote server management features that give IT administrators the flexibility and capability to access and troubleshoot target servers from anywhere — increasing productivity and reducing travel time and costs. It also saves IT administrators time when working in data centers, by eliminating the need to run back and forth from rack to rack. Another benefit of KVM-over-IP server management is the elimination of extra keyboards, monitors and mice — which helps reduce room clutter and saves in rack space and power consumption.

Designed to deliver the best user experience possible to administrators who spend hours at a time in front of a screen managing servers, the Dominion LX provides the industry’s highest remote video resolution (1920×1080) and Absolute Mouse Synchronization™ performance. Another productivity-enhancing feature that the LX provides is Universal Virtual Media™ that makes accessing storage media on remote servers convenient. This feature can be used to install software, run hardware diagnostics, transfer files and re-image a server remotely.

The Dominion LX uses Raritan’s next-generation, browser-based user interface. To improve usability and productivity, the interface provides a consistent user experience whether working remotely or at the server rack. The LX also has a collaboration feature that enables eight users to connect to one server, promoting local and remote information sharing.

“With the Dominion LX, you can enter a server at the BIOS level, run hardware diagnostics, reboot a hung server, and install software from DVDs – all from a remote location,” says Richard Dominach, Raritan Senior Product Manager. “We have designed the LX to meet the needs of SMBs looking for a modern, cost-effective solution for improving operations uptime and reducing maintenance costs. We have leveraged Raritan’s KVM-over-IP architecture and technologies, such as Raritan’s common user interface, Virtual Media and other industry-leading capabilities. The LX is a great value. It provides next-generation technologies and features at an affordable price.”

Standard features on the Dominion LX include:
• Local and remote BIOS-level access and control. Since the LX provides BIOS-level access, servers are accessible even if a server’s operating system is not working.
• Common browser-based remote/local user interface.
• Ultra-fast video screen refresh, 1920 x1080 high-definition remote video resolution, and advanced color calibration.
• Security and encryption features, including configurable strong password controls, and 256-bit AES encryption.
• Local and remote authentication (LDAP/ Active Directory /Radius).
• Dual stack IPv6/IPv4 networking.
• Flexible Computer Integrated Module options.
• Port scanning and thumbnail views.
• Modem access for emergency access.
• Multiplatform support: Windows®, Macintosh®, Linux®, Sun®/Solaris™
• Universal Virtual Media — enables a user to mount drives and media from the user’s desktop to remote servers during a KVM connection.
• Absolute Mouse Synchronization — eliminates time-consuming extra steps to adjust mouse settings for each target server.
• Dominion LX’s user interface supports multiple languages: English, Japanese, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese.

As a plug-and-play, 1U-sized KVM appliance, the Dominion LX installs in minutes. All standard Dominion LX features, including authentication and Web access, are built into the unit and do not require the use of an additional server. Dominion LX interconnects with each server via standard, economical Cat5 (UTP) cabling.

Pricing & Availability
The Dominion LX product line, which starts at $925 (U.S. List Price.), is available worldwide starting on October 31through Raritan’s extensive distribution channels. The Dominion LX is available in three models: DLX-108 (one remote user session, one local user, and up to 8 servers); DLX-116 (one remote user session, one local user, and up to 16 servers) and the DLX-216 (two remote user sessions, one local user and up to 16 servers.) More information on the Dominion LX models can be found at http://www.raritan.com/SMB-KVM-over-IP.

About Raritan
Raritan is a proven innovator of power management, infrastructure management, KVM and serial solutions for data centers of all sizes. In more than 50,000 locations worldwide, Raritan’s award-winning hardware and software solutions — including intelligent rack PDUs; energy management software; DCIM software solutions to effectively manage data center capacity, assets and change; KVM-over-IP, and Serial-over-IP access products — provide IT and facility directors, managers and administrators with the control they need to increase power management efficiency, improve data center productivity and enhance branch office operations. Based in Somerset, N.J., Raritan has offices worldwide serving customers in 76 countries. Visit us at Raritan.com or follow us on the Raritan blog. Raritan is an active member of the Green Grid, Climate Savers Computing Initiative, and the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design associations. The company was recognized by the EPA for its contribution to the agency’s data center initiative.

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