Governor’s School of Engineering and Technology looking to partner with companies

The Governor’s School of Engineering and Technology is a unique summer program for high achieving New Jersey high school students who have completed their junior year. For four weeks, we bring up to one hundred students to live on the campus of the School of Engineering at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. The students enroll in a set of challenging courses and electives that cover material not normally seen in high school or even at the undergraduate level. All students undertake a small-group research project, which culminates in a journal-style research paper and oral presentation.

The Governor’s School aims high. In a challenging and diverse environment, our students gain a thorough understanding of the field of engineering and current research trends, greatly improve their teamwork and leadership skills, and explore their educational and career options in engineering and technology. The students make connections with professors, professionals, and peers throughout the state of New Jersey, take personal responsibility for their intellectual advancement, and achieve a better understanding of engineers’ impact on society. During the program, the students gain the motivation, excitement, and tools to successfully pursue careers in engineering and technology and become leaders in their fields.

Our menu of courses gives students an intensive exposure to key skills that permeate engineering and technology disciplines, as well as an in-depth experience in their area of interest. All students take core courses in Robotics (Robot Soccer) and Modern Physics (quantum mechanics, string theory). Each student also chooses 3 elective courses from 12 options, including Biodiesel Fuel, Bioengineering, Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering, Engineering the Nation’s Infrastructure, Android Programming, and Entrepreneurship “Cashing in on Innovation”.

Governor’s School students work in small groups (3 – 5 students) on original research and design projects. They are mentored by a professor at Rutgers or a professional engineer. The students present their work in an oral presentation at our research symposium and submit a conference-style paper. These projects expose students to the research process, improve their teamwork skills, and give them an in-depth look at a particular engineering field.

We are interested in partnering with companies to enhance our program at the same time expose the talented scholars to innovative companies. The scholars are the very talent that your companies need. If you are interested in collaborating with the Governor’s School of Engineering and Technology please contact Jean Patrick Antoine at 732-445-2687 x16 or email at

For more information, feel free to read to visit our website:

Jean Patrick Antoine
Program Development Specialist
Rutgers University – School of Engineering
Office of Student Development
98 Brett Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854-8058
Phone: (732) 445-2687 x16
Fax: (732) 445-5878


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