NJTC’s 16th Annual Capital Conference Prepares CEOs for the Upcoming Year

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On Friday, January 27, 250 attendees representing the leading technology and life science companies in the region participated in the New Jersey Technology Council’s (NJTC) 16th Annual Capital Conference. The full day event focused on the drivers and issues that are setting the stage for business growth in 2012. Maxine Ballen, Founder, President and CEO of NJTC, said “It was a great opportunity for members to reconnect with one another and for both the emerging and established businesses to learn first hand what the new funding and financing strategies are going to be for 2012.”
CEOs, CFOs, entrepreneurs of every shape and size, cutting edge technologists, pundits and business leaders learned the latest information about: Where’s the Money?, Why Didn’t I Get It?, How Do I Get It?, Valuations, Exit Strategies and The Global Perspective. During the Entrepreneurship and Capital presentation, it became clear that the growth opportunity ahead is more rapid, and global, than ever before. Here are some statistics that were discussed:
• 2.9 trillion – the amount of Venture Capital backed businesses combined sales (20 percent of the total business revenues in U.S.)
• 12 million – jobs at venture-backed companies (12 percent of the U.S. work force)
• 1,000 – number of active VCs who make investment decisions
• $4 billion in initial investments per year
In addition, the luncheon speaker Mark G. Heesen, NVCA President, presented the Annual Venture Industry Update. The Exit Scene presentation covered the importance of acquisitions but also focused on how the IPO market remains the key. Heesen shared these numbers: the IPO market provided 11.87 million U.S. jobs (11.1 percent of Private Sector Employment!) and had sales of $3.0 trillion (Represents 21.0 percent of GDP)
Meanwhile the still dominated venture-created sectors include:
• 74.5% of biotech jobs
• 89.7% of software jobs
• 72.5% of silicon/electronics/instrumentation
• 54.3% of computer and peripherals revenue

Whether attendees were looking for capital, or investing capital this conference helped them learn how the game has changed and what they need to do to be successful. To learn more about this event and all upcoming NJTC events, please visit: http://www.njtc.org


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