Innovation Garden Welcomes SorinRoyerCooper as Preferred Legal Services Provider for Member Companies

Princeton, NJ – March 26, 2012- Innovation Garden, a Princeton-based accelerator program , is pleased to announce that SorinRoyerCooper LLC will be providing legal services and solutions designed for the member companies of the Innovation Garden. “SorinRoyerCooper uniquely meets the needs of the startup and early-stage companies that we will be supporting as we deploy funds and resources to accelerate their growth,” said Scott Sipprelle, Managing Partner with the Innovation Garden. “Our companies need both creative and sophisticated solutions and responsive service at fees they can afford.”

Candidates who become members of the Innovation Garden portfolio will benefit from SorinRoyerCooper’s high quality, pragmatic solutions at a fraction of the cost of national firms. “We are pleased that David Sorin was able to design a package of services for the formulation and early financing stages of a business that brings value in very cost effective ways,” said Glenn Fratangelo, Chief Operating Officer of the Innovation Garden Accelerator.

David Sorin added, “We are pleased to partner with the Innovation Garden because today’s entrepreneur needs a trusted legal advisor whocan bring both a businessperson’s pragmatism and results-oriented sensibility with creative, sophisticated solutions in fast-changing marketplace.”


SorinRoyerCooper LLC (
SorinRoyerCooper is a new law firm that embraces and fosters a paradigm shift for 21st century business realities. The firm, with offices located in New York City, East Brunswick, N.J., and Conshohocken, Pa., offers creative and sophisticated solutions and accessible, responsive service by experienced lawyers. In addition, the firm’s highly competitive fee structure ensures a compelling value proposition for all clients.

Innovation Garden(
Innovation Garden, LLC, located in the Princeton Forrestal Village, will accelerate the growth and development of the most promising young companies and technologies through the unique capabilities of the Innovation Garden Accelerator Program (IGAP) and financed by the Innovation Garden Accelerator Fund (IGAF). The Innovation Garden will uniquely fill the gap in financing and hands-on advisory and business support services for the two earliest phases of a company’s lifecycle: seed stage and early stage. IGA’s corporate development program supports the achievement of accelerated growth rates for sponsored companies through strategic resource allocation and disciplined business plan execution.

Glenn Fratangelo
205 Rockingham Row
Princeton, NJ 08540
Phone: 609-651-8242


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