The clock is ticking! Less than one week to file your taxes

The Ernst & Young Tax Guide 2012 provides tips to get you ready for tax day
New York, 12 April 2012 – The deadline to file taxes this year is April 17. While taxpayers get a few extra days, that’s no excuse to delay filing or overlook deductions, according to the 27th Edition of the Ernst & Young Tax Guide.
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One Comment on “The clock is ticking! Less than one week to file your taxes”

  1. Marc D. Haynes
    April 14, 2012 at 1:48 pm #

    While New Jersey is building its image as a business-friendly state by offering tax credits to out-of-state companies to set up shop here, I feel that the $250.8Million tax credit given to Prudential Insurance is wrong. It is a mis-use of taxpayer dollars to subsidize Prudential, which made $3.5 Billion dollars last year. I do not want to see New Jersey, particularly under the leadership of Governor Chris Christie, become known as a state that advocates corporate welfare.

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