Snap Secure Launches Geo-fence, On Demand Family Management for Android Mobile Security

Instant Out-of-Bounds Notifications Give Busy Parents Peace of Mind for Keeping up with Kids’ Whereabouts; Manage Multiple Family Devices from Any Android Smartphone with Snap Secure’s Innovative Mobile Security Platform

Princeton, N.J. (September 12, 2012)—Snap Secure® (, part of Snap MyLife, Inc., which develops cloud-service applications for consumers, announced today the addition of two new security features that provide added peace of mind for busy families on the go.

The new Geo-fence feature for Android enables parents to ensure their children’s safety and know where they are at all times by tracking the location of their mobile device. With Geo-fencing capabilities, parents can establish virtual geographic location boundaries to define where their children should be and receive an instant email alert in the event the child strays from that location. Parents can also set Geo-fence time parameters to receive an alert if their child does not arrive within a specified location within a certain time period.

For example, parents could establish a Geo-fence around their neighborhood block to alert them when a child arrives home from school. Or, in the case of a child who is dropped off at the movies or an after-school function, Geo-fence can alert parents if the child leaves the area—either of their own volition or by someone else’s.

“It’s impossible to keep your kids by your side at all times, especially as they get older, and one of the biggest concerns parents have is not knowing where their children are,” said Jiren Parikh, CEO at Snap MyLife, Inc. “Geo-fence helps to solve this problem, making it easier to keep your kids safe by monitoring their location through their mobile device.”

Parents can set and edit Geo-fence boundaries through the Snap Secure web portal, and a secure passcode on the child’s device prevents them from disabling the tracking system. Parents can even configure an alert to notify them if the child’s device is switched off.

“Geo-fence gives you assurance that you know where your kids are and that they’re safe. It can even be used to keep tabs on elderly parents, especially those who are prone to wandering due to Alzheimer’s disease,” Parikh said.

The new On Demand Family Management feature for Android provides complete family security and visibility directly from any Android mobile device. With On Demand Family Management, any family administrator can remotely locate, ping and wipe any mobile device in the family group from their own Android device, as well as view each group members’ breadcrumb history—which identifies where they’ve been throughout the day, week or month. On Demand Family Management extends the same family management features that currently exist on the Snap Secure web portal.

Geo-fence and On Demand Family Management are available now for Snap Secure subscribers on the Android platform, bolstering the company’s commitment to protecting families through innovative, easy-to-use smartphone security applications.

For more information about how to keep your family safe with Snap Secure’s comprehensive mobile technology suite, visit

About Snap MyLife
Snap MyLife, Inc. is a fast-growing developer of consumer cloud-service applications for mobile devices and other internet-enabled consumer electronics. Its products under the Snap Secure®, Snap Sync, Snap Play™, Snap MyLife® and Snap MyLife Creations™ brands allow consumers to leverage cloud-services with simple, yet powerful applications for content backup, synchronization, streaming, storing, editing, sharing, and messaging, as well as device and content security across virtually all consumer electronics device categories. Snap MyLife, Inc. is headquartered in Princeton, N.J., with offices globally, and is backed by Edison Ventures and Sycamore Ventures. For more information, visit

Snap®, Snap Secure® and Snap MyLife® are registered trademarks and Snap Play™ and Snap MyLife Creations™ are trademarks of Snap MyLife, Inc. All other trade names are the property of their respective owners.

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