IO New Jersey, in Edison, N.J., was 100 percent operational during Hurricane Sandy and in its aftermath, delivering Data Center 2.0 services to customers.

For our community, customers, partners and employees who have been impacted by the recent hurricane, know that company-wide our thoughts are with you as the east coast recovers from this devastation. IO is actively supporting the relief effort by supplying our employees, customers and partners with temporary facilities, basic supplies and various technology services.

Through our IO.Anywhere platform and its IO.OS data center operating system, IO and our customers were able to monitor in real time all the elements of Hurricane Sandy and critical IT infrastructure as the Superstorm approached IO New Jersey. IO managed hurricane operations from our Technical Assistance Command Center in Phoenix. Through the IO.OS single pane of glass dashboard and smart phone app, our team (from board members to New Jersey operations technicians) monitored storm location, rain fall and wind speeds as the hurricane approached the data center.

IO.OS software allowed us to optimize strategic event planning, tactical decision engineering, and “on the ground” situational awareness. It also helped us correlate the storm’s progress with real-time critical utility performance, global WAN and LAN network performance, data center security and all critical environmental conditions.

In addition, the IO.OS tracked all monitored data points in five second fidelity throughout the storm and stored this information to a database. This has enabled IO to have the data necessary to analyze and simulate this event and translate the resulting intelligence into knowledge bulletins for our customers and to guide future improvements to the IO.Anywhere technology platform. As a result of this intelligence, the next time an IO.Anywhere platform customer encounters a major storm or other dynamic event, in any location, IO, our partners and customers will be able to respond based on experience and intelligence not just rely on instinct and guess work.

I am incredibly proud of the dedication and commitment of both the IO teams and our customer IT teams who continued to monitor, support and staff the data center to ensure the continual operation of systems and mitigate each arising risk in a dynamic situation. Like many other east coast employees at many of our customers, they carried on their duties without thought to their own personal situations or hardships.


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