Mayor Michael Nutter announces the formation of StartUp PHL

Great Things are Happening in Philadelphia!
On October 26, 2012, Mayor Michael Nutter announced the formation of StartUP PHL with a nice shoutout to Philly Startup Leaders. PSL’s own President, Bob Moul, was a member of the announcement team. Below are Bob’s remarks and a video of the Mayor’s announcement.

Bob Moul Comments
StartupPHL Press Conference
October 26, 2012

Thank you Alan. Welcome back Mr. Mayor. This is a great day for Philadelphia and it is surely a great day for Philadelphia entrepreneurs.
There’s a Chinese proverb I love that goes something like “those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are already doing it.” Well, this Mayor and this administration know how to get things done. The entrepreneurs in this city know how to get things done. And working together I know we will get even more things done.
Mr. Mayor, Alan, John, I can’t speak for all of our entrepreneurs but I know I speak for most when I say “thank you”. We thank you for believing in us and we thank you for supporting us as we launch and grow the next generation of businesses in this great city.
Philadelphia’s entrepreneurs are fiercely independent and remarkably resilient. When you ask them why they’re here, they’ll tell you that ultimately, it’s because they love this City. It’s hard to put your finger on just what makes us unique among other places, but at its core, Philly offers the best opportunity to quality of life ratio of any major city. As Alex Hillman once said “it’s the kind of place your spouse would want you to start a business.”
But no business community is an island. We are in the City and we are of the City. And while no entrepreneur believes that a City can solve all of their problems, we do know it can certainly help. It can help by being a catalyst. It can help by removing roadblocks and barriers. And it can help by selectively and responsibly investing in areas where challenges may be holding back our growth.
Seed funding is one of those areas where a spark can help make all the difference. We’ve had a stunning $1 billion worth of companies move to other cities in search of financing in the past five years. $1 billion! Think of the jobs that would have created. Think of the momentum that would have created. And think of the serial entrepreneurs and angel investors and mentors that would have gone on to build and fuel and fund the future generations of companies in our community.
It can still be done. The City has given us an enormous opportunity. It’s up to us now to make the most of it. If I have one hope for this community it is that we will rally behind this announcement today, break down our stovepipes, and realize the future that’s ours for the taking…
To the critics who would say you’re not Silicon Valley or you’re not New York City we say you’re right. And as an entrepreneur, I’m thankful we’re not. Because we are so much more than that. We’re here and we stay here because we want to build businesses that matter… businesses that last. We are admittedly… decidedly… and defiantly Philadelphia. Thank you. And thanks again Mr. Mayor.
I want to introduce you now to Khushboo Shah – a local entrepreneur who is hard at work building her first startup in Philadelphia. I had the pleasure of being a mentor to Khushboo when she came through the MADV program at Temple and I’ve watched over the past year as she’s struggled to get her company off the ground. I asked her to tell her story today because in many ways it epitomizes the journey of all entrepreneurs at one stage or another. Khushboo…
Mayor Michael Nutter announces the formation of StartUp PHL –
Mayor Michael Nutter, StartUp PHL launch

Bob Moul will also be speaking at the NJTC Regional Commercialization Conference on December 6, 2012 in Wilmington, DE.


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