Data Inc. IT Industry Survey

The events of 2012 have had myriad effects on global organizations in general, and technology organizations in particular.  These factors include, but are not limited to:

  • Changing and evolving rules and regulations – While changes in rules and regulations are not a direct challenge for IT Software and Services organizations, the changes have affected corporations and their information technology departments.  This has created both new opportunities and new challenges.
  • Economics and Employment – Slow growth within the global economic landscape, and unemployment has caused strain on IT Software and Services Companies to continue doing more, with even less.   The same holds true for Corporate IT departments.
  • Politics – Election politics has affected spending across the board at organizations in general, and on technology solutions in particular.
  • Climate Issues – Recent weather disasters in areas such as the New York Tri-State area has had adverse effects across the board for businesses, whereas business continuity and disaster recovery plans fell short in many different arenas.

Despite this, the general consensus is that overall; the IT industry continues to grow and will continue to grow into the New Year, while some niche areas within IT remain flat.  Survey respondents responded that spending is up overall in areas such as application support services and infrastructure.   Furthermore, the industry remains bullish, yet cautious, for 2013, with indications of investments being shifted toward application development and mobile technologies.

In addition, despite contradictory reports issued by agencies and organizations, more than 80% of the survey respondents reported being employed.    This statistic puts stock in the notion that unemployment is slowly, but surely going down. 

With cautious, yet positive results from this survey centering on spending, investments and employment, and a highly positive outlook on the horizon for the 2013, IT Software and Services Companies and Corporate IT departments are uniquely positioned at the forefront of the economic recovery to bring progress, and facilitate new opportunities that will generate growth and help to rebuild a stable economy. 



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