SPRINGFIELD, NJ, January 2, 2013 – The epiphany was in 2008 when technology entrepreneurs Jonathan Blitt and Michael Kheyfets travelled to Liberia to meet with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. They had been invited to that country on a goodwill mission to explore ways in which their educational software company, Aztec Software, could assist with Liberia’s education reforms.

What Blitt and Kheyfets soon realized is that the lack of infrastructure and a centralized power grid would be a huge impediment to delivering computer-based instruction to a large group of people. At the same time, it was quickly evident that the one technology that was ubiquitous in the country – and, indeed, in large parts of the world – was basic mobile phones. With this information in hand, the solution was obvious – the most efficient method of reaching groups of people and disseminating and collecting information in real time would be through text messaging. But how to innovate a layer of intelligence over text messaging to make it smarter, customizable and adaptive? Faced with that challenge, aText Incorporated was born.

aText begins with the premise that in texting, a sometimes overlooked legacy form of technology, there is untapped potential that has never been fully exploited. aText is designed to intuit users’ needs and act automatically on their behalf. The aText proprietary technology can be configured to deliver information to millions of people, micro target a population through intelligent and adaptive surveying, or auto-initiate alerts and notifications.
The value of aText was underscored during the days immediately following Hurricane Sandy. With power outages everywhere and many forms of communications rendered useless, text messaging became not only the preferred option but often the only option. Using the aText technology, municipalities, companies and other organizations are able to stay in constant touch, share critical information and connect in real time.
“As entrepreneurs, we recognize that sometimes innovation is more powerful and can have a greater impact than invention,” said Blitt, aText CEO. “We are not creating a new communications technology. We are simply leveraging one that is proven, ubiquitous and efficient and exploiting its potential in a way that is much more sophisticated and has many more applications.”

aText aligns ideally with the communication requirements of the healthcare industry. aText is providing a private, SMS based network to PM Pediatrics, an award-winning provider of after-hours pediatric urgent care in New York and New Jersey. The system aText is creating for PM Pediatrics will enable the medical directors and administrative staff at all of its practices to coordinate communications and collaborate more efficiently.
“In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, PM Pediatrics has realized the importance of instant communications between clinical staff and corporate leadership,” said Dr. Michael Bachman, Regional Medical Director of PM Pediatrics for the New Jersey Region. “aText is meeting this need by creating an infrastructure that will enable immediate and essential communications between all PM Pediatrics locations.”


Established in 2005, PM Pediatrics ( is an after-hours urgent care practice staffed by Pediatric Emergency Specialists trained in treating children, newborn through college, in urgent situations while minimizing pain and unnecessary tests. PM Pediatrics was founded on the belief that there is a better way to deliver urgent care to kids. With locations in New York and New Jersey, the company’s mission is to ensure that patients receive superior quality healthcare when they need it, featuring short wait times and convenient hours during evenings, weekends and holidays. PM Pediatrics accepts most insurances and is open 365 days a year. The Company is featured as the only pediatric urgent care provider on Inc. magazine’s “Inc. 500|5000” list of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies for 2011 and 2012. For the last two years, PM Pediatrics has made Modern Healthcare’s national listing for “Best Places to Work in Healthcare” and in 2012 is one of only two New York-based companies to make the list.

New Jersey-based aText, Incorporated was co-founded by CEO Jonathan Blitt and President and COO Michael Kheyfets, two software and technology entrepreneurs who are experts in the application of multimedia technology to a myriad of operations. AText creates a layer of technology over traditional texting to create an adaptable, customizable and intelligent form of communications that can easily be used by anyone who owns a cell phone.
Blitt and Kheyfets also head up Aztec Software, for over 30 years a leading producer and distributor of educational software for adults and non-traditional students.


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