New Jersey Technology Council Advocates for Tech Sectors at the 2013 Tech Trek to Washington DC

NJTC joined two national technology associations, CompTIA and the TECNA to advocate for technology sector priorities on Capitol Hill during our annual Tech Trek to Washington.

NJTC members, led by Maxine Ballen, President & CEO, met with the New Jersey delegation, one-by-one to focus their attention on policies that strengthen IT security, encourage workforce development, modernize the tax code and protect access to capital. Member industry priorities were also highlighted such as national standards for data breaches, the need for updated telecomm regulations, support for (a) release of greater spectrum quantity, (b) defense spending in the areas of cybersecurity and R&D, (c) research in alternative energy programs for SMB entrepreneurs.

“IT sector innovation is a key force behind a strong 21st century economy, and in light of the new era of fiscal responsibility, Congress should prioritize issues that affect small and midsize technology businesses, such as the Research and Experimentation Tax Credit and supporting investments in education and training in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields,” said Maxine Ballen. “As a strong advocate for the country’s technology businesses and their needs, I am pleased to join forces with fellow CompTIA and TECNA to help increase high-skilled job and education opportunities.”

About NJTC

The New Jersey Technology Council (NJTC) provides business support, networking opportunities, information, advocacy, and recognition of technology companies and their leaders. Founded in 1996, NJTC’s member companies work together to support their own enterprises while advancing New Jersey’s status as a leading technology center in the United States.



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The New Jersey Tech Council helps companies grow and supports the tech, innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems in the state and region.

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