Corner Office – Steven V. Abramson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Universal Display Corporation

By: Jennifer Simoni

Back in 1996, when cell phones were only in cars, and TVs were CRTs, Abramson helped take Universal Display public and introduced the world to OLEDs

You have been at the helm of Universal Display since 1996, and brought OLED technology out of the labs at Princeton University into many real-world products, such as flat-panel displays and smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy. Can you share your business strategy for achieving this?

When we took the company public in 1996, we had no full-time employees and a research contract with Princeton. The primary purpose of going public was to raise money to fund those university research efforts. Our strategy was simple, and, in retrospect, a tad naïve. Our plan was to fund the research, obtain all the patent and licensing rights to the intellectual property and license the IP to OLED manufacturers. Unfortunately, our potential licensees wanted to see more than university research and some patents.

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