CareKinesis and Polyglot Systems Announce Partnership to Improve Medication Adherence and Health Outcomes

Embedding Multilingual Health Literacy Technology in Pharmacy Medication Management Platform
Moorestown, NJ, May 28, 2013 – CareKinesis, a medication risk management and pharmacy services firm, announced it has entered into a licensing agreement with Polygot Systems to embed its multilingual health literacy solution, Meducation®, into CareKinesis’ web-based EireneRx™ pharmacy application. The enhanced e-prescribing software will support Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) in managing complex medications for seniors, while improving medication adherence and patient satisfaction.

“This is another step to assure language-appropriate communication between prescribers, consultant pharmacists and patients. We want patients and caregivers not to have to fight a language barrier when trying to understand medication instructions,”
explained CareKinesis Chairman and CEO, Calvin H. Knowlton, BS Pharm, MDiv, PhD.

“Approximately 1 in every 3 Americans is considered low-health literate or has limited English proficiency”, said Sims Preston, Polyglot’s CEO. “It is critical that these patients understand how to take their medications.” Poor adherence to medication instructions has been associated with over 100,000 deaths annually, increased hospitalization rates and hundreds of billions of dollars in avoidable healthcare costs.

Developed under a grant from the National Institutes of Health, Polyglot’s Meducation® software generates medication instructions that are easy for every patient to understand, even those who are low health literate or limited English proficient. Instructions are written at a 5th to 8th grade reading level in any of sixteen languages, can be printed in large fonts for those with impaired vision and use pictograms to convey information clearly. For certain especially hard to use medications, Meducation allows patients to access on-line videos demonstrating proper medication use.

In addition to improving medication adherence, Polyglot contends that Meducation can improve patient satisfaction. “Effective communication has been identified by providers and payers as a key driver of patient satisfaction” stated Preston.

The software is designed to improve medication adherence and patient satisfaction by improving the way in which medication instructions are communicated.

According to Knowlton, PACE programs are uniquely responsible to manage their patient’s health and are financially accountable. “Our goal is to decrease medication-related risk, enhance quality of care and provide improved pharmacotherapy outcomes utilizing leading technology solutions. We partner with organizations that are clinically and economically responsible for persons taking many medications.”

“It makes sense to collaborate with Polyglot on behalf of our PACE clients to further help optimize the medication use process, especially improving patient understanding of the therapy, which will increase medication adherence,” Knowlton said.

About CareKinesis
CareKinesis partners with healthcare organizations to provide personalized medication therapy management and pharmacy services for high-risk populations. The results are enhanced medication-related outcomes and greater operational efficiency. It is the first, national PACE-specific pharmacy. CareKinesis is headquartered in Moorestown, NJ. For more information, please visit

About Polyglot Systems
Polyglot Systems’ award-winning software is designed to improve patient understanding, thereby improving health, reducing costs and increasing patient satisfaction.


Dianne Semingson
DLS International, Inc.
T: 215-870-0829

Lisa Crites
Polyglot System, Inc.
T: 321-298-2988


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