NJTC Members are Invited to the Lam Cloud Open House Event

This event constitutes the grand opening of our new and exciting Technology Campus at 1 Farr View Drive in Cranbury, New Jersey. Lam Cloud’s Open House, beginning with registration at 2:00 PM on Thursday, Nov. 14th, will enlighten attendees on our ‘Gateway to Tomorrow’s Technologies’ as well as our Strong in Jersey Flexible Workplace and Disaster Recovery solutions – both of which will be showcased at Lam Cloud’s robust new facility.

The Lam Cloud Open House is free to attend and will feature brief presentations by three noted Business Continuity experts, as well as a mini tradeshow given by its partners, a networking reception, and tours of our facility, followed by a cocktail happy hour running into the evening hours in our Executive Headquarters.

For complete details and an RSVP link, click on the link below:

We’d like to get as many people to attend as possible to raise awareness about the importance and inter-relationships of technology with Workplace and Disaster Recovery, so please feel free to forward the link to your friends and colleagues.

About Lam Cloud:

Lam Cloud is our customers’ gateway to tomorrow’s technologies: we expertly integrate the various technologies of our partners with our customers’ unique needs. Our North American headquarters is located at 1 Farr View Drive in Cranbury, NJ, home to our innovative and dynamic, 500,000-square-foot Technology Campus. We offer a meeting place for technology, start-ups, established businesses, business incubation, and our customers. This flagship facility is also the largest Workplace and Disaster Recovery facility on the East Coast, powered by our on-site, high-end Data Center, located equidistant between New York and Philadelphia. From this central base of operations, we continuously expand our multiple-location integrated offering.

Lam Cloud:

• Makes it simpler for people and companies to understand and meet their technology requirements;
• Provides flexible Workplace and Disaster Recovery solutions to its clients in an era of climate change and heightened risks to business continuity;
• Lowers customers’ total cost of ownership in their technology needs;
• Helps customers understand the big picture, and how they can more effectively achieve savings with customized IT solutions; and
• Stays on the cutting edge of data center and Cloud solutions.

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